Here is a list of my published pieces: book projects, book chapters, academic articles, book reviews, poetry, and articles in popular magazines.

My current book project is Tolkien’s Modern Sources: Middle-earth Beyond the Middle Ages, to be published by The Kent State University Press. Here is a preview of some of my findings about Tolkien and William Morris.


Apologetics and the Christian Imagination: An Integrated Approach to Defending the Faith. Emmaus Road Publishing, 2017.

Apologetics, the defense of the Faith, shows why our Christian faith is true—but it’s much more than that. Apologetics isn’t just the province of scholars and saints, but of ordinary men and women: parents, teachers, lay ministry lea
ders, pastors, and everyone who wants to develop a stronger faith, to understand why we believe what we believe, to know Our Lord better, and love him more fully.

In Apologetics and the Christian Imagination: An Integrated Approach to Defending the Faith, Holly Ordway shows how an imaginative approach—in cooperation with rational arguments—is extremely valuable in helping people
come to faith in Christ. Making a case for the role of imagination in apologetics, this book proposes ways to create meaning for Christian language in a culture that no longer understands words like ‘sin’ or ‘salvation,’ suggests how to discern and address the manipulation of language, and shows how metaphor and narrative work in powerful ways to communicate the truth. It applies these concepts to specific, key apologetics issues, including suffering, doubt, and longing for meaning and beauty.

Apologetics and the Christian Imagination shows how Christians can harness the power of the imagination to share the Faith in meaningful, effective ways.


Not God’s Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms. Ignatius Press, 2014.NGT Full Cover

Not God’s Type is my memoir of conversion from atheism to Christianity, and my later entrance into the fullness of the faith in the Catholic Church.

I was delighted to be a guest on The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi, talking about my journey. You can watch the episode here.

You can read sample chapters, and buy the book in both hardcover and e-book versions, at the Ignatius Press website. You can also buy a copy on Amazon.

“Re-Writing My Life,” a reflection on the process of re-writing my memoir, appeared in Books & Culture: you can read it here.

Book chapters:

“Looking ‘Along’ the Problem of Evil: Shakespeare’s Macbeth.” In Evil and a Selection of its Theological Problems. Ed. Benjamin Arbour and John Gilhooly. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017.

“Stonecrop: Lewis Takes His Place in Poets’ Corner.” In C.S. Lewis at Poets’ Corner. Ed. Michael Ward and Peter S. Williams. Cascade, 2016.Lewis at Poets' Corner cover

“Come and See: The Value of Storytelling for Apologetics.” In A New Kind of Apologist. Ed. Sean McDowell. Harvest House, 2016. Read my chapter here.

“Williams, Descent into Hell.” In C.S. Lewis’s List: The Ten Books that Influenced Him Most. Ed. David Werther. Bloomsbury Academic, 2015.

“C.S. Lewis on Love and Sex.” In Women and C.S. Lewis. Ed. Carolyn Curtis and Mary Key. Lion Hudson, August 2015.

Academic articles:

“The Gospel as a Good Catastrophe: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Literary Apologetics.” The City: Vol. VIII, Issue 2. Winter 2015.

“Charles Williams and Fantastic Fiction.” Sewanee Theological Review, Summer 2014.

“Reading Tolkien’s Beowulf: Understanding Intent.” The City: Vol. VII, Issue 2. Summer 2014.

“C.S. Lewis: An Integrated Vision.” Renewing Minds: A Journal of Christian Thought. Winter 2013.

“Further Up and Further In: Representations of Heaven in Tolkien and Lewis.” Journal of Inklings Studies, Vol. 3 no. 1, April 2013.

“Teaching Process, Not Product: Two Techniques.” inside english: Journal of the English Council of California Two-Year Colleges. 2006.


Charles Williams: The Third Inkling, Grevel Lindop. Lead review in symposium. The Journal of Inklings Studies, Spring 2016.

The Intellectual World of C.S. Lewis by Alister McGrath. Religion & Literature (University of Notre Dame). Vol. 47.1, Spring 2016.

CS Lewis List coverC.S. Lewis and His Circle, ed. Roger White, Judith Wolfe, and Brendan N. Wolfe Catholic World Report, August 29, 2015. Read the review here.

The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings, Philip Zaleski and Carol Zaleski. Catholic World Report, July 22, 2015. Read the review here.

The Ideal of Kingship in the Writings of Charles Williams, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien by Christopher Scarf. Sehnsucht: The C.S. Lewis Journal. Vol. 7, 2014.

C.S. Lewis’s Perelandra: Reshaping the Image of the Cosmos. Ed. Judith Wolfe and Brendan Wolfe. Mythlore: The Journal of the Mythopoeic Society 124, Spring/Summer 2014.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fall of Arthur. Ed. Christopher Tolkien. The Englewood Review of Books. Featured Revie
ws Volume 6, November 2013.

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Imaginative Apologetics, ed. Andrew Davison. Themelios: An International Journal for Students of Theological and Religious Studies. Spring 2013.

New Kind of Apologist coverC.S. Lewis and the Middle Ages by Robert Boenig. Mythlore: The Journal of the Mythopoeic Society. Spring/Summer 2013.

The Loss and the Silence: Aspects of Modernism in the Works of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Charles Williams by Margaret Hiley. Mythlore: The Journal of the Mythopoeic Society. 119/120, Fall/Winter 2012.

Mythopoeic Narnia: Memory, Metaphor, and Metamorphosis in The Chronicles of Narnia by Salwa Khoddam. Mythlore: The Journal of the Mythopoeic Society. 117/118, Spring/Summer 2012.

Arda Reconstructed: The Creation of the Published Silmarillion by Douglas Charles Kane. Mythprint, the monthly bulletin of the Mythopoeic Society. November 2011 (Volume 48:11, #352).



“A Sudden Goldfinch,” “Evensong at St Peter’s, Oxford,” “A Twitch Upon the Thread,” “On Daily Mass,” “Oxford,” and “Thanksgiving.” Theology, 119.5 (Sept/Oct, 2016.)

“Maps.” The Word in the Wilderness, ed. Malcolm Guite. Canterbury Press, 2014.

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“A Twitch upon the Thread.” Windhover: A Journal of Christian Literature. Volume 18, Spring 2014.

“Maps.” Dappled Things: A Quarterly of Ideas, Art, and Faith. Spring 2013

“Light.” Californios Review. Winter 2013.

“Temptation in the Wired Wilderness.” God and Nature. Summer 2012.


Articles (popular):

“Once Upon a Time: The Enduring Appeal of Fairy Tales.” Christian Research Journal. October 2015.

“Re-writing My Life.” Books and Culture, July/August 2015.

“Confronting the Apologetic Challenges of a Secular Culture: Reflections on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Christian Research Journal. Vol. 35. no. 5. Winter 2012.

Word in the Wilderness cover“Truth in Darkness: The Hunger Games as an Unexpected Resource for Apologists.”  Christian Research Journal. Vol. 35 no. 2. Spring 2012.

“What Has Poetry to Do with Apologetics? T. S. Eliot’s ‘The Journey of the Magi’ for the Apologist.” Christian Research Journal. Vol. 34 no. 6. Winter 2011.

“Why Is Atheism Popular and What Can We Do About It?” Rick Warren’s Ministry Newsletter: June 23, 2010.

“The Garden, the Cross, and the Tomb.” Neue Magazine: April 10, 2009.

“In Whose Image Are You Made?” ENTSCHEIDUNG (German edition of DECISION, published by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association). April, 2008.