Blog Posts

Here are a few posts of note from my blog and contributions to others’ blogs:

“Looking Along the Beam: Apologetics and the Christian Imagination” for Transpositions, the blog of the University of St Andrews Institute for Theology in the Arts (ITIA).

“A Poem: Lewis at Poets’ Corner, 22 November 2013”

On the 22nd of November, 2013, the 50th anniversary of his death, C.S. Lewis was formally recognized as one of the great figures of English letters, with his Memorial in Poets’ Corner of Westminster Abbey… I am delighted and honored to have my reflection on that great day included in the book C.S. Lewis at Poets’ Corner. Reflecting on my experience of the Memorial led me to write this poem.

“Tolkien, Morris, and the Dead Marshes: An Unrecognized Connection.”

“Where did The Lord of the Rings come from?” This question has interested me for a long time – especially the question of Tolkien’s modern sources. Over the last several years, my research has taken form in the book I’m currently working on – Tolkien’s Modern Sources. This piece is an excerpt from the chapter on Tolkien and William Morris….

“Come and See: The Value of Storytelling for Apologetics”

This is my contribution to the volume A New Kind of Apologist, ed. Sean McDowell. I was very pleased to be able to contribute a chapter on this subject: ‘imaginative and literary apologetics’ is a vitally important approach for apologetics today.

“A Taste of the Banquet: Hopkins’ ‘As Kingfishers Catch Fire'” for HBU’s School of Christian Thought.

“The Canary in the Coal Mine? Thoughts on Allegory” for Transpositions.

“Reversals: Gerard Manley Hopkins’ ‘The Starlight Night'” for Transpositions.