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Thanks for coming to visit my website. Here I’ve collected information about my work that you may find useful.

I am the Fellow of Faith and Culture for the Word on Fire Institute. My writing, speaking, and courses there focus on imaginative and literary apologetics, and on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien.

My forthcoming book is a literary-critical study, Tolkien’s Modern Reading: Middle-earth Beyond the Middle Ages. It has received the 2018 Kilby Research Grant from the Marion E. Wade Center. It will be published by Word on Fire Academic in 2021.

I am also Visiting Professor of English for the online M.A. in Apologetics at Houston Baptist University.

I recently had the pleasure of doing a joint event with Michael Ward, the “Battle of the Literary Masters: Lewis vs. Tolkien,” a light-hearted but scholarly debate in which I took the side of Tolkien (it was very good fun, as both of us admire both our authors!). You can watch the video here. (My lecture starts at 25:28)

I’ve written about Tolkien’s Catholic faith for Word on Fire (here) and on the Tolkien exhibit at the Bodleian Library exhibit for Christianity Today (here). You can watch a video of my presentation at the Sheen Center’s “Inside Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth” event here.

I’ve written Apologetics and the Christian Imagination: An Integrated Approach to Defending the Faith  (Emmaus Road Publishing) and a memoir,  Not God’s Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms (Ignatius Press). You can see a video here of me speaking at Franciscan University at Steubenville’s Defending the Faith conference on the topic of imaginative apologetics.

More details on my publications (books, chapters in books, articles, and poetry) can be found on my “Writing” page.

I travel both in the U.S. and internationally to speak, so if you’re interested in having me give a talk to your organization, take a look at my speaking schedule and be in touch!

Do please take a look around!

All best wishes,

Holly Ordway